Adult Learning Principles

As you roll out training for your workers, one thing that you have to take into consideration is Adult Learning Principles. Because you are training adults,  these principles assist in making training more effective for them.

Adult learners are:

  • Self directing – they have existing knowledge, experience and opinions. If they cannot appreciate the pupose or value, they will be reluctant to engage in the training
  • Relevance – The immediate use of the learning needs to be clearly understood by the learner. They need to see ‘what’s in it for them’
  • Experience – select case scenarios and examples that they can relate to
  • Using all of their senses – Adult learners need multi-sensory learning and teaching (Hands on activities )
  • Practice – The more an adult learner can practice new skills, the more transformational impact the training will have
  • Involvement – Adults need to feel as though they have a sense of responsibility, control and decision making over their learning

All training with NIYASH takes into account adult learning principles. We also offer accredited training courses along with in house training

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Why do you need to conduct a training needs analysis? 

Why do we need training? 

Training is a means to ensure that employees have the knowledge and the right skills to be able to do their work effectively and compentently. 

Why should you conduct a TNA? 

  1. Avoids training for ‘training sake’ – trainees just go through the motions when they are disinterested in the training at hand . They do not feel it necessary if it is not relevant. 
  2. Supports cost effective training – no time and money wastage on irrelevant training and unskilled labour
  3. Targets the areas of greatest need


  • What training is needed and why?
  • Where is training needed?
  • Who needs training?
  • How will training be provided?
  • How much will training cost?
  • What will be the impact on business? 

The basic training needs assessment is a four step process:

  1. Identify a clear business goal that the training supports
  2. Determine the tasks the workers need to perform so the company can reach that goal
  3. Determine the training activities that will help the workers learn to perform the tasks 
  4. Determine the learning characteristics of the workers that will make the training more effective

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Our Awesome Services

We offer the following services and much more:


1. I.T troubleshoots – including networks, servers, Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP 
2. Other hardware or software issues – includes Office, Quickbooks, Caseware & Easyfile 
3. Software Development (Visual Studio) – C#, HTML, Javascript 
4. IT PATs 5. Social media creation – page creation, maintenance & updates
6. Blog creation – same as above 
7. Website creation – same as above 
8. Support via teamviewer 
9. On-site tech support 
10. Networks – setup, maintenance, troubleshooting 
Many more I.T services available with plans & packages to suit your needs and pocket!!


1. Develop, Implement And Maintain SHE Management Systems.
2. Facilitate The Legal Appointment Structures In A Business.
3. Placement And Management Of Competent SHE Officers. 
4. Drafting HSE Policies And Procedures. 
5. Compiling Of Client Specific Legal Safety Files. 
6. Accident / Incident Investigations. 
7. Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment Process. 
8. Audits / Inspections And Action Plans & Close Out Of Deviations. 
9. Conducting Training And Awareness For All Employees. 
10.Emergency Management Planning. 
11.SHE Meetings. 
12.Accredited Training Courses. 
Many more SAFETY services available with plans & packages to suit your needs and pocket!! 


Where clients only require staff placement services, we shall provide the following competent personnel: 
1. SHEQ Managers/ Officers 
2. Traffic Safety Officers 
3. Flagmen 
4. Training Facilitators 
5. SHE Representatives and Fire Watchers. 
6. Semi-skilled artisan personnel and General Labour 
7. I.T Managers 
8. I.T Supervisors 
9. Technicians 
10. In-house Consultants 
11. Programmers 
12. Web designers


1. Company Registrations 
2. Company Ammendments 
3. Annual Return Submissions 
We cater to every CIPC service available.

General pricing 


General Outline of Prices:

Electronic Safety systems – R5000

Safety files – from R3500

Site Visits – R2800 per day @ R3.50 per km 

Site safety officer placements – Package dependent

Website creation – R1500 (onward) – Package dependent

Laptop repairs – R300 per hour – subject to replacement part prices 

Desktop repairs – R400 per hour – subject to replacement part prices 

Software Installations & Setups – R250 per hour 

Hardware Installation & Repairs – R350 per hour 

Hardware & Software Support – R250 per hour 

Social Media Page Creation – Package dependent 

Social Media Updates & Maintenance – Package Dependent 

Blog Creation – Blog dependent
Advertising Video – Eg On – R1500 (content dependent)

Caseware & Quickbooks Troubleshoots – R350 per hour 

Remote Support – R350 per hour

Network Troubleshoots & Maintenance – Package dependent/R450 per hour 

Basic Computer Skills Lessons – R200 per hour

Please note that these are general prices and are subject to change. Business packages are available.

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