Why do ALL businesses need an online presence?

Recently, I have been looking for places in my surrounding areas to take my children to. How did I look for them? Well, considering petrol prices and having two small children, as well as the fact that Richards Bay is not exactly my home town, I did the thing that everyone of this century does.. I googled it! 

I am very sure that if you are reading this, that you are familiar with this term! We google everything from movies showing at local cinemas to the kind of dress we want to wear for a certain occasion. 

This is why having an online presence can make or break a business! Having an up to date website, enables potential customers to find products and services with ease! 

Even if a person knows nothing about you,or your business personally,  simply viewing your website online and seeing that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to products and services, by viewing the information available on your website, can secure you a new customer easily . 

Here are a few key reasons as to why your business needs an online presence

1Low advertising and marketing costs

The one time cost of designing a website and annual fees of renewals (domains & hosting), and website maintenance  is the smallest fraction of the cost you spend on billboards, printing out flyers and newspaper adverts etc. Moreover, the same information that you have printed will be featured on the website, guaranteeing you global market coverage! You can advertise your products and services for free across your social media sites and your blog

Incorporating an  order online function, contact us form or email addresses on your website will definitely prompt your client to leave you a message or get in touch with you later.

3. Enhance communication & customer care

Frequently asked questions or FAQs are a great portion to add to a website. Instead of answering the same question repeatedly for example, what is your store’s return policy? You can have a section on your website that contains answers to questions like these so that customers can find them with ease. 

Getting the word out there when you have a new product/ service available in your business becomes an immediate process as well instead of having to wait for the next print! 

4. Branding

Having a nicely designed website can strengthen your corporate image and improve your branding. 

5. Adds confidence, trust and belief

Having an online presence creates confidence, trust and belief in your customers. 

6. Reviews 

Having a website enables reviews and feedback from customers. Any praise that is publicly available will build your online presence and show even brand new that you are a reputable business. Even where there are less than kind reviews or comments, you can reach out to unhappy customers and resolve the issues so that your good name stays intact. It’s better to know about an unhappy client so you can make amends and carry your name forward, than have an angry customer share their distaste for your business without you even knowing they were unhappy in the first place! Being able to right wrong helps build customer loyalty. Even if you’re not forgiven,  customers can see that you tried and that you’re willng to do everything in your power to keep them happy!

NIYASH offers web site design  and other service packages at affordable rates. We even include custom made packages with prices to accommodate your pocket!  All web design packages include free one month seo! 

Contact Us via the following:
web: www.niyash.co.za


email: info@niyash.co.za



Call: +2783 876 3404


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