Our Awesome Services

We offer the following services and much more:


1. I.T troubleshoots – including networks, servers, Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP 
2. Other hardware or software issues – includes Office, Quickbooks, Caseware & Easyfile 
3. Software Development (Visual Studio) – C#, HTML, Javascript 
4. IT PATs 5. Social media creation – page creation, maintenance & updates
6. Blog creation – same as above 
7. Website creation – same as above 
8. Support via teamviewer 
9. On-site tech support 
10. Networks – setup, maintenance, troubleshooting 
Many more I.T services available with plans & packages to suit your needs and pocket!!


1. Develop, Implement And Maintain SHE Management Systems.
2. Facilitate The Legal Appointment Structures In A Business.
3. Placement And Management Of Competent SHE Officers. 
4. Drafting HSE Policies And Procedures. 
5. Compiling Of Client Specific Legal Safety Files. 
6. Accident / Incident Investigations. 
7. Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment Process. 
8. Audits / Inspections And Action Plans & Close Out Of Deviations. 
9. Conducting Training And Awareness For All Employees. 
10.Emergency Management Planning. 
11.SHE Meetings. 
12.Accredited Training Courses. 
Many more SAFETY services available with plans & packages to suit your needs and pocket!! 


Where clients only require staff placement services, we shall provide the following competent personnel: 
1. SHEQ Managers/ Officers 
2. Traffic Safety Officers 
3. Flagmen 
4. Training Facilitators 
5. SHE Representatives and Fire Watchers. 
6. Semi-skilled artisan personnel and General Labour 
7. I.T Managers 
8. I.T Supervisors 
9. Technicians 
10. In-house Consultants 
11. Programmers 
12. Web designers


1. Company Registrations 
2. Company Ammendments 
3. Annual Return Submissions 
We cater to every CIPC service available.


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